CASID was established on July 1, 1991 following the release of “Aviation and Space Industry Development Program”which specified the establishment of Committee for Aviation and Space Industry Development (CASID).  The purpose of this program is to stimulate related industries and enhance overall industrial level by developing aviation industry and to build sound aviation industrial system by combining with defense industry.  CAID was renamed as Committee for Aviation Industry Development since March, 2012.

In view of the development potential of the space industry, CAID was renamed as Committee for Aviation and Space Industry Development (CASID) since June 15, 2019.

The missions of the CASID include:

  1. To assist government in drawing up development objectives, strategies and promotion plan for aviation and Space industry.
  2. To coordinate the resource utilization and assist civil sector in building industrial foundation, improving quality and increasing capacity.
  3. To promote international cooperation, introduce key technologies and develop international markets.

The role CASID plays:

  1. The coordinator between government agencies: CASID provides coordination between ministries and relevant government agencies to build a consensus for the development of aviation and Space industry.
  2. A bridge between government and industry: CASID encourages dialogue between government and industry, so that government's policies can be fully understood by the industry while industry’s demands can be properly conveyed to the government.
  3. A window for international cooperation: CASID assists local aviation and Space industry to bring in new technologies and establish cooperation with foreign partners through offset, joint venture or co-production program.
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